Oliveira, Daniela

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Full Name : 

Oliveira, Daniela

Job Title: 

Associate Professor

Building and Room Number: 

MAE 208

Mailing Address: 

216 Larsen Hall, P.O. Box 116200, Gainesville, FL 32611-6200


(352) 392 6618

Office email: 

daniela [at] ece.ufl.edu


2010 PhD, Computer Science, University of California Davis.

2001 MSc, Computer Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais Brazil.

1999 BSc, Computer Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais Brazil.


Primary Research Area: 

  • Computer Engineering

Research Statement: 

My main research interest is interdisciplinary computer security. I enjoy employing successful ideas from 

other areas (e.g., Psychology and Biology) to make our computer systems more secure. Currently I focus on 

employing ideas borrowed from Biology and warfare to protect OS kernels in cooperation with a virtual machine 

or hardware. I am also interested in understanding the nature of software vulnerabilities and how we can prevent 

them from a Psychological perspective.

Affiliated Research Area: 

  • Computer Engineering

Honors and Recognition: 

NSF CAREER 2012, PECASE 2012, NAE FOE Symposium Invited Attendee 2014

Research Interests: 

Interdisciplinary computer security and operating systems