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Real name: 
Full Name : 
Arnold, David P.
Job Title: 
Building and Room Number: 
LAR 213
Mailing Address: 
213 Larsen Hall, P.O. Box 116200, Gainesville, FL 32611-6200

Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Eng., Georgia Tech, 2004

M.S. Electrical & Computer Eng., UF, 2001

B.S. Electrical Eng., UF, 1999

B.S. Computer Eng., UF, 1999 

Primary Research Area: 
Affiliated Research Area: 
Electromagnetics and Energy Systems
Teaching Statement: 

EEL3111C Circuits 1

EEL3211 Power

EEE4331/5405 Microelectronic Fabrication Tech.

EEL5225 Principles of MEMS Transducers

EEE6465 Design of MEMS Transducers

EEL5934 Applied Magnetism & Magnetic Materials

Research Interests: 
Micro/nanostructured magnetic materials; Magnetic microsystems and transducers; Compact (<100 W) power/energy systems