EEE 3308C Electronic Circuits 1
EEE 3396 Solid State Electron Devices
EEE 4306C Electronic Circuits 2
EEE 4310 Digital Integrated Circuits
EEE 4310 Digital Integrated Circuits
EEE 4329 Future of Microelectronic Circuits
EEE 4331 Microelectronic Fabrication
EEE 4373 Radio Frequency Electronics
EEE 4420 Introduction to Nanodevices
EEL 2000 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
EEL 3003 Elements of Electrical Engineering
EEL 3042 Remote Sensing in Engineering: Science, Sensors and Applications
EEL 3105 Analytical Methods in Electrical Engineering
EEL 3111C Circuits 1
EEL 3112 Circuits 2
EEL 3135 Introduction to Signals and Systems
EEL 3211 Basic Electric Energy
EEL 3472 Electromagnetic Fields & Applications 1
EEL 3473 Electromagnetic Fields & Applications 2
EEL 3701C Digital Logic & Computer Systems
EEL 3834 Programming for Electrical and Computer Engineers
EEL 3923C ECE Design 1
EEL 4201L Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory
EEL 4440 Optical Communication Systems
EEL 4447 Laser Theory and Design
EEL 4458 Fundamentals of Photonics
EEL 4461 Antenna Systems
EEL 4514 Communication Systems and Components
EEL 4514L Communication Laboratory
EEL 4523 Audio Engineering
EEL 4598 Computer Communications
EEL 4657 Linear Control Systems
EEL 4657L Linear Controls Laboratory
EEL 4665 Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory
EEL 4712 Digital Design
EEL 4713 Digital Computer Architecture
EEL 4736 Principles of Computer System Design
EEL 4744C Microprocessor Applications
EEL 4750 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EEL 4924C ECE Design 2
EEL 4930 Reconfigurable Computing
EEL 4930 Introduction to Biophotonics
EEL 4930 Laser Electronics
EEL 4930 Optical Engineering
EEL 4930 Probability and Statistics for ECE
EEL 4930 Wireless and Mobile Networks
EGN 1935 ECE Adventures