From world renowned lightning research to brain-machine interfaces to the development of nano-devices, research by ECE faculty, staff, and students is carried out in these interdepartmental laboratories, centers, and programs.


Research Labs (listed by area):


Computer Engineering:

Advanced Computing and Information Systems Laboratory (ACIS)

Embedded Systems Lab (ESL) 

Intelligent Design of Efficient Architectures Lab (IDEAL)

Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL)

NSF Center for High-performance REconfigurable Computing (CHREC)

Scalable Software Systems Laboratory (S3)

Wireless And Mobile Systems Laboratory (WAM)


Signals and Systems:

Cognition and Control for Complex Systems (CCC)

Computational NeuroEngineering Lab (CNEL)

Hybrid Computation Group (HCG)

Institute for Cyber Autonomous Systems

Laboratory for Automation and Control (LAC)

Laboratory for Information Systems and Telecommunication (LIST)

Multimedia Communications and Networking Laboratory (MCN)

Spectral Analysis Lab (SAL)

Wireless Information Networking Group (WING)



Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design Research

Electronic Communications Lab (ECL)

Integrated Circuits Research (ICR)

Radio Frequency Circuits & Systems Research (RFCSR)



Computational Nanoelectronics Lab (CNL)

Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group (IMG)

Multidisciplinary nano and Microsystems (MnM) Laboratory

NSF Multi-functional Integrated System Technology I/UCRC (MIST Center)

Noise Research Lab (NRL)

Silicon-on-Insulator Group (SOI)

SoftWare and Analysis of Materials Processing Lab (SWAMP)

Phononic Sensors and Actuators Lab (PSAC)


Electromagnetics and Energy Systems:

International Center for Lightning Research and Testing (ICLRT)

Ionospheric Radio Lab (IRL)

Power Lab