Research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering serves two main purposes. The generation of new fundamental knowledge is a primary function. Of equal importance is the education of graduate students who participate in research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge through their thesis research. The research programs provide facilities and support for graduate students and enable them to pursue their advanced study. Another important function of research is the continuing development of the faculty. A forward-looking undergraduate program depends upon the existence of a strong graduate program and the presence of excellent faculty who are leaders in their respective fields.


Research in electrical and computer engineering at UF encompasses a broad spectrum of areas which reflect the wide range of interest and expertise of the faculty, as illustrated by the number and diversity of the research projects. Most of the faculty members in the department are engaged in research and many do research in interdisciplinary programs and hold joint appointments in other departments and interdisciplinary laboratories. Graduate students, and many undergraduates, assist in this research effort. Support for this research is provided by contracts and grants from several agencies of the federal government as well as from industrial sources.


For purposes of administering the department's doctoral program, faculty are affiliated with one or more of the five divisions of research