Undergraduate Program (BSEE, BSCpE)

Electrical and Computer Engineers build and program the computers that run the world. Your cell phones, ipods, video games and all your high-tech gadgets were made possible by electrical and computer engineers. But our reach extends much further, impacting information processing, energy and electronics at scales ranging from nanotechnology to electrical grids spanning thousands of miles. Electrical and Computer Engineers are building devices that measure everything from single neurons in the brain to networks of millions of users on the internet.

An undergraduate degree in electrical or computer engineering from UF can allow you to pursue a job in almost any industry you can think of. After all, nearly everyone uses computers, electricity and electrical devices, so industries demand skilled professionals to build, repair, and improve these devices. Many students use an ECE degree as a stepping stone to pursuing graduate degrees in law, medicine, business and engineering.


Undergraduate Program Admission Information:


Graduate Program (ME, MS, PhD Degrees)

The Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate program at the University of Florida has a lot to offer students looking for the best education money can buy. Our graduate program is among the twenty largest ECE graduate programs in the United States. We offer more than 80 graduate courses each year in ten sub-areas of specialty. Our larger program allows students more flexibility in selecting their course work and research direction.

Graduates from the ECE program at the University of Florida enjoy the privilege of job security and satisfaction. More than 95% of our students admitted to the Master's program graduate successfully and the graduation ratio for the Ph.D. students is similar. Recruiters from top companies in the U.S. offer many of our students internship opportunities. Our graduates are employed by some of the largest, technologically advanced companies, including Motorola, GE, IBM, Harris Corporation, Nortel, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, Ericsson, and many others. Starting annual salaries for our graduates average about $65,000 for students with a Master's degree and about $85,000 for students with a Ph.D.


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