ECE Ph.D. Graduates


Congratulations to all of our Gator PhD graduates!  Included below is a list of our recent PhD grads (since 2007) along with their advisor (and co-chair) and thesis title. Please send any employment updates to Shannon Chillingworth



Zheng Cao"Information Theoretic Classification of Marine Animal Imagery" (Principe).

Ewaldo Eder Carvalho, Jr., "A Framework for Pattern Consolidation in Cognitive Architectures" (Principe).

Subit Chakrabarti, "Machine Learning Algorithms for Spatio-Temporal Scaling of Remotely Sensed Data" (Judge & Principe).

Matthew Emigh, "Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Using Information-Theoretic Descriptors" (Principe).

Sheng-Po Fang, "Functionalized Electrospun Nanofibers and Their Biomedical Applications" (Yoon).

Lawrence Fomundam, "Development of a Wireless Power Transmission Front-End for Minimally Invasive or Shallow Biomedical Implants" (Lin).

Ron-Chi Kuo, "Three Dimensional Wireless Charging System with Flexible Receiver Alignment" (Lin).

Aaron Landy, "Performance Optimization Strategies for Virtual Reconfigurable Computers" (Stitt), Microsoft, Redmond, WA.

Carlos Alberto Loza Navas, "A Transient Model for Neuronal Oscillations" (Principe).

John Rogers, "A Passive Wireless MEMS Dynamic Pressure Sensor for Harsh Environments" (Sheplak & Yoon), Boeing, Huntsville, AL.

Mehdi Sadi, "On-Chip Structures for Reliability Management of System-On-Chips" (Tehranipoor), Intel, Portland, OR.



Pratik Brahma"Reliable Subspace Representation for Better Learning and Understanding of Data" (D. Wu & Oliveira), Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab, San Francisco, CA.

Jaime Caicedo, "Return Stroke Current Reflections In Rocket-Triggered Lightning And Lightning Evolution Of Two Complete Summer Multi-Cell Storms And Three Winter/Spring Frontal Storms In North-Central Florida" (Uman & Rakov).

Pratyush Chakraborty, "Optimization and Control of Flexible Demand and Renewable Supply in a Smart Power Grid" (Khargonekar).

James Coole, "FPGA Overlays and Runtime Synthesis for Flexibility and Productivity" (Stitt), Cisco, Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Can Duan, "Planar and Integrated MEMS Micromirrors Based EnPlanar and Integrated MEMS Micromirrors Based Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomographydoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography" (Xie).

Xi Cao, "Modeling of Nano-Scale Transistors and Memory Devices for Low Power Applications" (Guo).

Yue Chen, "Markovian Demand Dispatch Design for Virtual Energy Storage to Support Renewable Energy Integration" (Meyn).

Christopher Dougherty, "Circuit Bootstrapping Techniques for Extended Voltage Range and Improved Efficiency in Low-Voltage Triple-Well CMOS Integrated Circuits with Driven Capacitive Loads" (Bashirullah), Texas Instruments, Freising, Germany.

Yanmin Gong, "Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics for Big Data Applications" (Fang), VW Electronics Research Laboratory, Belmont, CA.

Christopher Heagney, "Digital Radio Frequency Memory Synthetic Instrument Enhancing US Navy Automated Test Equipment Mission" (Lin).

Robert Kirchgessner, "Scalable Graph Processing on Reconfigurable Systems" (George & Stitt).

Daniel Kotovsky, "Response of the Nighttime Upper Mesosphere to Electric Field Changes Produced by Lightning Discharges" (Moore), Post-Doc, Gainesville, FL.

Abhijeet Lawande, "A Reconfigurable Interconnect for Large-Scale FPGA Applications and Systems" (George & Lam).

Xin Li, "Novel Control Approaches and Simulators for Complex Networks" (D. Wu), Samsung Research America, Mountain View, CA.

Deoksu Lim, "Sparse Radar Imaging and Automatic Target Recognition" (J. Li), LG Electronics, Korea.

Jun Liu, "Scalable and Synthesizable High Performance Analog/Mixed Signal Circuit Design" (Maghari), Linear Technology, Cary, NC.

Patrick Lomenzo, "Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Properties of HfO2-Based Thin Films" (Nishida), .

Arian Rahimi, "Low Loss Passive Component Technologies for High Performance Radio Frequency Circuits Using Micro/Nano Machining" (Yoon).

Morteza Shahriari Nia, "Applying Big Data Technology to Remote Sensing for Species Identification" (Z. Wang & Fang), Twitter, San Francisco, CA.

Ravi Shekhar, "The Adaptive Time Machine" (Harris), Intel, Austin, TX.

Vijaya Bhaskar Somu, "Interaction of Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse with the Ionosphere as Inferred from Wideband Measurements and Modeling" (Rakov & Uman).

Kairan Sun, "Coding Strategies for Multimedia Communications over Networks" (D. Wu).

Carlton Thompson, "A Design and Performance Study of a Distributed IP-Based Telecommunication System (D-IPTS)" (Latchman & McNair).

Di Wang, "Enabling Indoor Location Context Using Off-The-Shelf Smartphone Inertial Sensors" (X. Li), Ocoos, Gainesville, FL.

Gongyu Wang, "Productive Formulation and Design Methods for Reconfigurable Computing" (Lam & Stitt), Micron Technology, Allen, TX.

Nicholas Wulf, "Framework for Optimizing FPGA-Based Space Systems" (George & Gordon-Ross), Harris Corporation, Melbourne, FL.

Xiaoyang Zhang, "Robust Electrothermally Actuated Scanners for Fiberoptic Endoscopic Imaging and Wide-Angle Optics" (Xie & Koppal).



Tosiron Adegbija, "Dynamic Phase-based Optimization of Embedded Systems" (Gordon-Ross), ECE department University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Hammam Alsafrjalani, "Dynamic Scheduling for Configurable Heterogeneous Embedded Systems" (Gordon-Ross), University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Corey Baker, "Opportunistic Routing in Delay Tolerant Mobile Social Networks" (McNair), University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA.

Gokul Bhat, "Coded Transport Layer for VBR Rate Adaptation" (McNair), Akamai Technologies, Cambridge, MA.

Goktug Cinar, "Self-Organized Computational Perception in the Time Frequency Domains" (Principe), Robert Bosch LLC., Palo Alto, CA.

Stefan Craciun, "FPGA Architecture for Real-Time Information Extraction and Feature-Based Classification in Image Processing" (George & Principe), Vave Health, Redwood City, CA.

Ruigang Fang, "Image Quality Assessment", (D. Wu), Amazon, Seattle, WA.

Evan Kriminger, "An Effective and Robust Method for Active Constrained Clustering", (Principe), Leap Motion, San Francisco, CA.

Rohit Kumar, "A Framework to Generate Partially Reconfigurable Fpga Application from High Level FPGA Application", (Gordon-Ross), Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Pullman, WA.

Bryant Lam, "Lightweight, Scalable, Shared-Memory Computing on Many-Core Processors", (George & Lam).

Kan Li, "Kernel Adaptive Recurrent Filtering", (Principe), University Of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Kaikai Liu, "Towards Smart Life via Mobile Sensing Systems" (X. Li), San Jose State University, San Jose, CA.

Leitao Liu, "Dissipative Quantum Transport in Devices with Two-Dimensional Channel Materials" (Guo), University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.

Xiang Mao, "Frame Structure Optimization and Co-Service of Real-Time and Non-Realtime Traffic in Cognitive Radio Networks" (McNair), GoDaddy, San Francisco, CA.

Adam McLeod, "Learning Control Policies from Demonstration in Continuous Sensory and Action Space" (Harris).

Michael Mitchell, "Very Low Frequency Remote Sensing of the Lower Ionosphere" (Moore), University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Aurelio Morales, "On-Chip Software Tools for Hardware Multitasking on Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs" (Gordon-Ross), Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Lima, Peru.

Gabriel Nallathambi, "Non Numeric Signal Processing For Integrate and Fire Converter" (Principe).

Ololade Oniku, "Electroplated Thick-Film Cobalt Platinum Permanent Magnets" (Arnold), Intel, Portland, OR.

William Patterson, "Of Magnetic Imaging System Experiments and Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems 'Of MISE and MEMS''"(Arnold), Interdisciplinary Consulting Group (IC2), Gainesville, FL.

Gavin Philips, "Functional Connectivity Based Biomarkers for Evaluation and Guidance of BCI-Enabled Post-Stroke Motor Recovery"(Principe & Gunduz), John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.

Jing Qin, "Cooperative Network Clustering and Task Allocation for Heterogeneous Small Satellite Network" (McNair).

Justin Richardson, "A Comprehensive Methodology for Analysis of Diverse Processor Architectures" (George), University of Florida Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Gainesville, FL.

Shashank Sawant, "Design Fabrication and Characterization of Micro-Electrodynamic Zero-Net-Mass-Flux Actuators" (Arnold), Invensense, San Carlos, CA.

Victor Tseng, "Integrated Passives and Resonant Inductive Coupling as a Displacement Sensing Mechanism for Large Piston/Rotation" (Xie), Aldephi, MD.

Jianxuan Tu, "Accurate Non-Contact Measurement of Vital Signs for Human and Animal Using 5.8-Ghz Doppler Radar System" (Lin), Apple, Cupertino, CA.

Walker Turner, "Wireless Implants for Increased Signal Sensitivity of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Monitoring of a Bio-Artificial Pancreas" (Bashirullah), Nvidia Corporation, Durham, NC.

Yuanxiang Wang, "An Intrinsic Unscented Kalman Filter based Tracker for Manifold-Valued Data and Its Applications" (Vemuri).

Qiuzhong Wu, "Design Fabrication and Characterization of Micro-Electrodynamic Zero-Net-Mass-Flux Actuators" (Bashirullah), Linear Technology, Cary, NC.

Kaihe Xu, "Secure Collaborative Machine Learning in Big Data Systems" (Fang), Shenzhen, China. 

Jin Yao, "Feature Selection for Cancer Progression Modeling" (J. Li), GSK, Philadelphia, PA.

Shaon Yousuf, "Design Automation for Partially Reconfigurable Fpgas: Design Flows, Tools and Architectures" (Gordon-Ross), Intel, Hillsboro, OR.

Ze Yu, "Toward Software-Defined Big Data Processing Systems" (A. Li), Google, Mountain View, CA.

Hao Yue, "Protocol Design and Optimization for Future Wireless Systems" (Fang), San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.

Ruijin Zhou, "Cross-Layer Optimization for Virtual Storage Design in Modern Data Centers" (T. Li), VMware, Palo Alto, CA.



Jose Almodovar-Faria,"A Cognitive PHY-MAC Cooperative Protocol for Low-Power Short-Range Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Using UWB PPM Radios" (McNair), Ponce, PR.

Yanbin An, "Electronic and Optoelectronic Device Applications of Carbon Based Nanomaterials Integrated with Silicon Technology" (Ural), Linear Technology, San Francisco, CA. 

Shancy Augustine, "Development of Low Power Plastic Fluidic Control Techniques for Lab-On-A-Chip Devices" (Nishida). Achira Labs Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India.

Austin Brockmeier, "Learning and Exploiting Recurrent Patterns In Neural Data" (Principe), University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Wenchao Chen, "Modeling, Physics and Simulation of Nano-Scale Electronic Devices" (Guo), Gainesville, FL. 

Heungsik Eom, "Extending  the Capabilities of Mobile Platforms through Remote Offloading over Social Device Networks" (Figueiredo), Hyundai Motor Group, Korea. 

Jeremy Fowers, "A Framework for Dynamic, Transparent, and Adaptive Optimizations in Heterogeneous Systems" (Stitt). Microsoft, Seattle, WA.

Shuji Fujimaru, "Optimization of Beam Painting for ELF/VLF Wave Generation at HAARP Using Time-of-Arrival Analysis" (Moore), Nagoya, Japan. 

Williams Gamerota, "The Dart-Stepped Leader in Rocket-Triggered Lightning" (Uman), IBM Corporation, NY.

Qun Gao, "Contact Resistance in Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Modeling" (Guo), IBM Corporation, East Fishkill, NY.

Linke Guo, "Security and Privacy Preservation for Information Sharing and Dissemination" (Fang, Khargonekar), Binghamton University Binghampton, NY.

Yuanxiong Guo, "Energy Optimization and Control for Data Centers and Smart Grids " (Fang), Oklahoma University, Stillwater, OK.

Taesong Hwang, "Characterization and Design of High Efficiency Linear Power Amplifiers for Base-Stations" (Lin), Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Newbury Park, CA. 

Selvi Kadirvel, "Techniques and Tools for an Autonomic Approach to Fault and Performance Management In Map-Reduce" (Fortes), ContainerX, San Jose, CA.

Cheolbok Kim, "Integrated Microwave Antennas and Passive Filters Using 3D Microfabrication and Metamaterial Architectures" (Yoon), LG Innotek, South Korea.

Edward Latorre, "An Intelligent Natural Language Conversational System for Academic Advising" (Harris), University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Kyungyong Lee, "Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Decentralized Resource Discovery for Large-Scale Distributed Computing Systems" (Figueiredo), Amazon Web Service, Seattle, WA.

Shijie Li, "Machine Learning Techniques and Their Applications to Computer Vision" (D. Wu). Bloomberg LP, New York, New York.

Chao Li, "Enabling Renewable Energy Powered Sustainable High-Performance Computing" (T. Li, Fortes), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai,  P.R. CHINA.

Huang Lin, "Privacy Preserving Protocol Design in Distributed Computing Environments" (Fang), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

Yonggang Liu, "Interposition-based I/O Scheduling in Virtualized Parallel File Systems" (Figueiredo), Google Inc. Mountain View, CA.

Yang Lu, "Modeling and Simulation of Nano-Scale Electronics Based on Novel Low Dimentional Materials" (Guo), Samsung Semiconductors, San Francisco, CA.

Krishna Mojjada, "Multi-Core Microwave Wireless Communication System" (Eisenstadt), Intel, Portland, OR.

Terry Ngin, "Channel-Base Current and Ground-Level Electric Fields of Rocket-and-Wire Triggered Lighting" (Uman). Leidos, Arlington, VA.

Chien-Ming Nieh, "Miniaturization of Noncontact Vibration and Distance Detection" (Lin), Intel, Santa Clara, CA. 

In Jun Park, "A Computational Model for Animal Navigation in Turbulent Oder Plumes" (Principe).

John Pilkey, "Rocket Triggered Lightning Propagation and North-Florida Thunderstorm Charge Structure" (Uman), Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.

Rosha Pokharel, "Robust Kernel Adaptive Learning for Online Supervised Systems" (Principe), The Weather Company, Madison, WI.

Amer Qouneh, "Exploring Thermal/Power Optimization for Emerging Computing Platforms: Think Big, Act Small" (T. Li), Western New England University, Springfield, MA.

William Rowe, "Spectrally Constrained Active Sensing: Waveform and Receiver Filter Design" (J. Li), Space Missle Defense Command, Huntsville, AL.

Gyungseon Seol, "Device Simulation of Functionalized 2D Material" (Guo), Samsung Electronics, Korea.

Savyasachi Singh, "Automatic Assessment of Disordered Speech Intelligibility" (Harris), Convergent Engineering, Newberry, FL.

Pierre St Juste, "A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Social Networking Applications" (Figueiredo), Google, Mountain View, CA.

Joshua Weaver, "Collaborative Coordination and Control for an Implemented Heterogeneous Swarm of UAVs and UGVs" (Arroyo), Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City, FL.

Zhiming Xiao, "Low Power Circuits and Systems for Brain Machine Interfaces" (Bashirullah),Linear Technology, Colorado Springs, CO.

Weikai Xu, "Electrical Noise and Charge Transport Studies of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors" (Bosman), Nanchang, China.

Kexin Zhao, "Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing and Its Applications" (J. Li), Baidu, USA, Sunnyvale, CA.



Divya Agrawal, "Approximating Ambient D-Region Electron Densities Using Dual-Beam High Frequency (HF) Heating Experiments at High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)" (Moore), Mountain View, CA.

Jihye Bae, "Kernel Temporal Differences for Reinforcement Learning with Applications to Brain Machine Interfaces" (Principe). University of Miami, Miami, FL.

Hyunho Baek, "Signal and Power Integrity of High-Speed IC in Chip-Package System" (Eisenstadt). Samsung Electronics.

Rakesh Chalasani, "A Hierarchical Dynamic Model for Object Recognition" (Principe). nDimensional, Boston, MA.

Obulapathi Challa, "CubeSat Cloud: A Framework for Distributed Storage, Processing and Communication of Remote Sensing Data on CubeSat Clusters" (McNair). Nike, Portland, OR.

Jikai Chen, "Low-Power High-Speed Serial Link Design" (Bashirullah). Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.

Xiaoyu Cheng, "Wireless Biomedical Telemetry Systems Based on Flexible Metamaterial Circuits and Advanced RF Architectures" (Yoon). Apple, San Francisco, CA.

Raul Chinga, "Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Plasma Sterilizer System Using RF Switch-Mode Power Amplifiers" (Lin), SET group, LLC, Conshohocken, PA.

Bilal Fadlallah, "Quantifying Cognitive Processes in the Human Brain Using Measures of Dependence" (Principe). Amazon, Seattle, WA.

Nilanjan Goswami, "Power Performance Co-Optimization of Throughput Architecture Using Emerging Technologies" (T. Li). Apple, Orlando, FL.

Eric Graves, "Information Integrity" (Wong, Shea).

Amit Gupta, "Investigation of Electrical Bias, Mechanical Stress, Temperature and Ambient Effect on AlGaN/GaN HEMT Time-Dependent Degradation" (Nishida, Thompson), Intel, Hillsboro, OR.

Yuejia He, "Inference of Network Topology And Dynamics: A Compressive Sensing Approach" (D. Wu). Bloomberg LP, New York, NY.

Wen-Chin Hsu, "Feature Ranking And Selection for SVM Classification And Applications" (Chen).

Yige Hu, "A Study of Hot Carrier Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide Based Thin Film Solar Cells" (Bosman).

Adam Jacobs, "Reconfigurable Fault Tolerance for Space Systems" (George), ARM Inc. Austin, TX.

Pitfee Jao, "Nanofibrous Three Dimensional Microstructures for Energy Storage and Bioengineering Applications" (Yoon). GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Malta, NY.

Te-Yu Kao, "60-GHz CMOS Micro-Radar System-in-Package for Vital Sign And Vibration Detection" (Lin), Intel, Santa Clara, CA.

Ashish Kumar, "Nickel Silicide Growth Modeling Using Level Set Methods" (Law), Intel, Portland, OR.

Youngjoon Lee, "Conquering The Harsh PLC Channel to Enable QoS Guaranteed Multimedia Home Networks" (Latchman).

Jiping Li, "Wafer-Level Fabrication of Power Inductors in Silicon for Compact DC-DC Converters" (Xie).

Xiaoyuan Li, "Primary User Behavior Estimation and Channel Assignment for Dynamic Spectrum Access In Energy-Constrained Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks" (McNair). Tango Me, Mountain View, CA.

Lin Liu, "Large-Scan-Range Electrothermal MEMS Micromirrors and Microlenses and Their Biomedical Imaging Applications" (Xie).

Paul Muri, "Delay Tolerant Networking Communications for CubeSat Topologies and Platforms" (McNair), NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX.

Leenhapat Navaravong, "Topology Reconfiguration For Systems Of Networked Autonomous Vehicles Cith Network Connectivity Constraints" (Shea), THAICOM PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED, Thailand.

Ode Ojowu, Jr., "Data-Adaptive Spectral Estimation Algorithms and Their Sensing Applications" (J. Li). Advanced Bionics, Los Angeles, CA.

Christopher Paulson, "Utilizing Glint Phenomenology to Perform Classification of Civilian Vehicle Using Synthetic Aperture Radar" (D. Wu), Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH.

Yuan Rao, Input-Powered Interface Circuits For Electrodynamic Vibrational Energy Harvesting Systems" (Arnold), Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.

Sean Samuelson, "MEMS Electrothermal Actuators in Guided and Unguided Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Systems" (Xie).

Viswanath Sankar, Investigation and Mitigation of Abiotic Factors Affecting Reliability of Microelectrode Arrays in Chronic Neural Implants" (Nishida), Intel, Phoenix, AZ.

Dohyung Seo, "A Geometric Approach to Image Matching and Synthesis of Diffeomorphic Paths" (Vemuri). GE Healthcare Ultrasound, Sunnyvale, CA.

Baohua Sun, "Game Theoretical Approach for Clustering and its Application in Big Data Analytics" (D. Wu). China Mobile, Milpitas, CA.

Chunming Tang, "Ultra Low Power Passive Transponders for Biomedical Microsystems" (Bashirullah), Omnivision, Santa Clara, CA.

Lin Xue, "High Voltage Switched-Mode Step-Up DC-DC Converters in Standard CMOS Process" (Bashirullah), Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

Zheng Yuan, "Advanced Video Processing Techniques in Video Transmission Systems" (D. Wu), NVIDIA, San Jose, CA.

Wei Zang, "Analytical Modeling and Analysis of Memory Access for Cache Tuning" (Gordon-Ross), Google, San Francisco, CA.

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Justin Zito, "Investigation of Microscale Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Devices" (Arnold), Intel, Portland, OR.



Antonio Acosta, "Investigation of Stress Effects on Ferroelectric Capacitors for Performance Enhancement of Ferroelectric Random Access Memory", (Nishida), Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.

Oluwatosin Adeladan, "Iterative Partially Coherent Demodulation and Its Application to Frequency Shift Key(Fsk) Modulated Signals" (Shea). Ingenious Med, Atlanta, GA.

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Tai-An Chen, "A Micromachined Floating Element Shear Stress Sensor Using Moiré Transduction for Harsh Environments" (Sheplak). Gainsville, FL.

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Zongrui Ding, "Stochastic Optimization and its Application to Communication Networks and the Smart Grid" (D. Wu), Intel, Hillsboro, OR.

Zachariah Fuchs, "Cooperative Control Strategies and Deception in Adversarial Systems" (Khargonekar), Wright State University, Dayton, OH.

Xin Guan, "Array Processing Based Microwave Induced Thermoacoustic Imaging" (Zmuda), Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

Erion Hasanbelliu, "Information Theoretic Similarity Measures for Shape Matching" (Principe). Knewton, New York.

Jonathan Hill, "The Mechanisms of Lightning Leader Propagation and Ground Attachment" (Uman), Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Kennedy Space Center, FL.

Yakun Hu, "Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Speaker Recognition and Communications" (Wu), Bloomberg L.P., New York, NY.

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Carolyn Krekeler, "A Bayesian Based Graphical Model Framework for Estimation and Forecast of Stream Flow" (Principe).

Choong Heon Lee, "Exploration of Magnetic Resonance Microscopy:  From Cellular Structures to Subcellular Structures" (Lin).

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