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Electrical and Computer Engineering has what you need for the rest of your life!

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Cybersecurity, Robotics, Communications, Smart Energy & Power, Biomedical & Neuroengineering,

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing & more!

Student Support & Advisement: Larsen 230

EE ADVISOR: nicolet@ece.ufl.edu

CPE ADVISOR: agatsche@ece.ufl.edu

The application process for freshmen admission is administered through the UF Office of Admissions.


RESEARCH Expenditures are rising! The OPPORTUNITIES are expanding! The number of WOMEN in ECE is increasing!



The number of WOMEN in ECE is increasing Electrical and computer engineers work at scalesranging from nanodevices

interfacing to individual neurons in the brain to worldwide networks of billions of users on the internet. The time is now.