The device division focuses on the behavior, fabrication, and design of devices. These include optoelectronics (lasers, solar cells, detectors), transistors (SiGe, MIS, III-V), MEMS (mechanical, optical, biological sensors), and nanodevice concepts (CNT, Molecular, Silicon-based). There is research on both how materials interact with voltage, current, photons, and radiation as well as the current-voltage relationship of device structures.

Division coordinator: Prof. YK Yoon


This division spans a wide area of research of electromagnetic fields and their application. It includes power generation, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy. It also includes interaction wave guides, optical fiber, and photonic devices. UF is one of the few universities in the world conducting lightning research. Field research on lightning performed each summer both on the UF campus and at Camp Blanding, Florida.

Division coordinator: Prof. Henrzy Zmuda


This division covers a broad range of topics from the manufacturing of integrated circuits to their applications in real world systems. Current research includes adaptive circuits, radio frequency circuits, VLSI design, microwave device and interconnect modeling, IC test, and modeling of materials, components and circuits for high-frequency power electronics.

Divison Coordinator: Prof. William Eisenstadt


Studies in this field are related to the transmission, creation, manipulation, and understanding of signals and systems. Signal processing looks to take data from a wide variety of sources (speech, audio, images, video, radar, sensor networks) and transforming it into useable pieces. Communication systems are design to transmit information while minimizing the corruptive effects of noise and interference.

Division Coordinator: Prof. Tan Wong


This division focuses on the theoretical and applied research by which next generation, high-performance computing and communications systems are designed, developed, and exploited. Research fields include high-performance computer architectures and networks, parallel and distributed computing, fault-tolerant computing, real-time systems, intelligent systems microprocessor-based systems, and performance analysis.

Division Coordinator: Prof. Greg Stitt