This information applies to current UF undergraduate students interested in changing their major to the ECE Department (Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering).


Change major students are evaluated based on their successful completion of or in-progress status of the pre-professional courses: MAC2311, MAC2312, MAC2313, MAP2302, PHY2048, PHY2049, CHM2045, and either CHM2046 or a GE-B. A grade of C or higher (first 2 attempts, withdrawals included) and a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in the critical tracking courses is required for admittance to the Electrical Engineering major. A grade of C or higher (first 2 attempts, withdrawals included) and a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in the pre-professional courses is required for admittance to the Computer Engineering major.


Electrical Engineering is a well-known and broad discipline but most definitions of electrical

engineering found in dictionaries and on the web are antiquated and more appropriate for the

1950s than today. A better definition is: Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that deals

with the processing, transmission, and storage of energy or information using electromagnetics,

electronic circuits and computers.


The Electrical and Computer Engineering(ECE) Department offers two majors:

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (jointly managed with the CISE Department).

In the last 20 years, the new field ofComputer Engineering has grown inpopularity.


Computer Engineering is the study of the hardware and software ofcomputers. It combines the computer-

oriented side of Electrical Engineering with the addition of traditional Computer Science

topics such as operating systems, compilers and data structures.


ECE is everywhere, including designing the next generation of smartphones, developing

robotic surgeons,engineering the next spacecraft to land on a comet.


ECE is growing even in nontraditional areas. For instance, automobiles are becoming more

and more “electrified” with time. Of course, hybrid and electric cars rely on complex battery

systems and electric motors but the electrification goes much further than that. New car

models include sophisticated sensors, control systems, navigation systems and dozens of embedded



The newest models integrate laser sensors, RADAR, cameras and

other sensors to provide adaptive cruise control, road condition monitoring and

collision avoidance systems. Fully autonomous vehicles are right around the corner. All of these require ECE.


Change Major Process:

1. Review the curriculum and semester plans for the BS in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

2. Degree shop by major in one.UF to review your academic record on the degree audit.

3. Use the CRC CHOMP to explore major and career planning.

4. Visit the ECE Student Services Office (230 Larsen Hall) during walk-in hours Wednesday or Thursday 10-12 or 3-4 to meet with an academic advisor.

5. Complete a Change of Major form for electrical engineering