Welcome back to ECE Florida!

     As an ECE alumnus, we want you to know you are special to us. There is nothing like recalling the days of orange and blue,

the endless hours of study  in labs and in the library,  your former roomates and that special professor who really helped you

take the next step in advancing your life! We would love to hear your story of how your days in ECE at the University of

Florida have impacted your life. Join us again via web or in person, regain your connections and build your own legacy. 

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                     ~Your friends and fellow Gators can't wait to see you again! Every year at Homecoming we celebrate with our

Annual Alumni Tailgate Reunion, every year on Saturday before the game for a BBQ and good ole' Gator fun!


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     ECE has a huge network of passionate alumni with over 8000 graduates and there has been a lot of alumni activity recently.

For instance, at the college’s Leadership Summit on Oct 19, 2012 we had two of our notable department alums participatied: Lesa Benton Roe

(BSEE ‘86, Director of Langley Research Center, NASA) and Linda Rae (BSEE ‘87, President of Keithley Instruments). This past year Power

Grid Engineering President Michael Wright (BSEE ‘98) has supported speakers for our department seminar to discuss power systems.

     These seminars have renewed the interest of our students and faculty in this vital area. We are also grateful for Carole T. and Harlan Y. Harrell, Jr. (BSEE ‘61)

for supporting an endowed fund for engineering ethics in our department. Chris Malachowsky (BSEE ‘83, Co-Founder of nVIDIA) was the commencement

speaker at our Spring 2013 commencement ceremony. These are just a few of the many alumni that are making an effort to get invoved in our department

and give back. It is wonderful to have such successful alumni and fantastic that they continue to help us further our mission.