EEE 5317 Introduction to Power Electronics
EEE 5320 Bipolar Analog IC Design
EEE 5322 VLSI Circuits and Technology
EEE 5336L Solid-State Technology Laboratory
EEE 5400 Future of Microelectronics Technology
EEE 5405 Microelectronic Fabrication
EEE 5426 Introduction to Nanodevices
EEE 5544 Noise in Linear Systems
EEE 6321 MOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EEE 6323 Advanced VLSI Design
EEE 6325 Computer Simulation of Integrated Circuits and Devices
EEE 6374 Radio Frequency Circuits and Systems
EEE 6382 Semiconductor Physical Electronics
EEE 6402 Nonclassical Silicon-Based Nanoscale CMOS Devices
EEE 6428 Computational Nanoelectronics
EEE 6431 Carbon Nanotubes
EEE 6460 Advanced Microsystems Technologies
EEE 6465 Design of MEMS Transducers
EEE 6930 VLSI Device Design
EEL 5182 State Variable Methods in Linear Systems
EEL 5225 Principles of MEMS Transducers
EEL 5400 Airborne Sensors & Instrumentation
EEL 5401 Airborne Laser Scanning: Data Processing and Analysis
EEL 5441 Fundamentals of Photonics
EEL 5451L Photonics Laboratory
EEL 5462 Advanced Antenna Systems
EEL 5490 Lightning
EEL 5525 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing
EEL 5546 Electronic Countermeasures
EEL 5547 Introduction to Radar
EEL 5666C Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory
EEL 5718 Computer Communications
EEL 5721 Reconfigurable Computing
EEL 5764 Computer Architecture
EEL 5840 Elements of Machine Intelligence
EEL 5934 ECE Technical Writing
EEL 5934 Fundamentals of Data Converters
EEL 5934 Introduction to Biophotonics
EEL 5934 Radio Frequency Electronics
EEL 6264 Advanced Electric Energy Systems 1
EEL 6265 Advanced Electric Energy Systems 2
EEL 6325 Microwave IC Design
EEL 6397 Semiconductor Device Theory
EEL 6443 Integrated and Fiber Optics
EEL 6447 Laser Electronics
EEL 6486 Electromagnetic Field Theory and Applications 1
EEL 6487 Electromagnetic Field Theory and Applications 2
EEL 6502 Adaptive Signal Processing
EEL 6507 Queueing Theory and Data Communications
EEL 6509 Wireless Communications
EEL 6532 Information Theory
EEL 6533 Statistical Decision Theory
EEL 6535 Digital Communications
EEL 6537 Spectral Estimation
EEL 6550 Error Correction Coding
EEL 6562 Image Processing & Computer Vision
EEL 6586 Automatic Speech Processing
EEL 6591 Wireless Networks
EEL 6614 Modern Control Theory
EEL 6617 Multivariable Linear Control
EEL 6619 Robust Control Systems
EEL 6627 Digital Filtering
EEL 6706 Fault-Tolerant Computer Architecture
EEL 6763 Parallel Computer Architecture
EEL 6769 Hardware-Software Interactions: Nonnumeric Processing
EEL 6785 High-Performance Computer Networks
EEL 6814 Neural Networks for Signal Processing
EEL 6825 Pattern Recognition
EEL 6841 Machine Intelligence & Synthesis
EEL 6871 Autonomic Computing
EEL 6892 Virtual Computers
EEL 6935 Signal Processing for Active Sensing
EEL 6935 Smart Grid: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach
EEL 6935 Stochastic Control
EEL 6935 Advanced Data Converters
EEL 6935 Radio Frequency Design and Analysis
EEL 6935 Advanced Computer & Information Systems Management
EEL 6935 Cyber-Physical Systems
EEL 6935 Billion Transistor Computer Architecture
EEL 6935 Cloud Computing and Storage
EEL 6935 Control Techniques for Complex Networks
EEL 6935 Cyber-Physical Systems
EEL 6935 Distributed Computing
EEL 6935 Embedded Systems
EEL 6935 Nanotechnology for Energy Applications
EEL 6935 Network Science and Applications
EEL 6935 Optical Communication